What Is A View Binder?

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What Is A View Binder?

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When you're looking to buy a binder, the options which you have are plenty. At times, you can get confused between these options, as well. However, instead of going with any other binder, you need to go for the view binder. If you're thinking what is a view binder? We will answer this question below.

We will not only help you understand what is a view binder but also go into the details of a view binder to help you understand why it can benefit you.


What Is A Clear View Binder?

The view binder is a ring binder that consists of clear or transparent pockets. You have to put in the printed material inside these pockets. The advantage is that since you can view the material present inside, without removing the printed material, it becomes easy for you to identify the right pocket. While the view binders have been around for quite some time but recently, they have become quite famous.

If you do not prefer going through the entire binder to find the document which you are looking for, the view binder is the perfect option for you.


Did you know that a view binder can be of different types as well?

We will now go into the details and types of view binders to help you understand which one should you choose.


1. Round-ring style view binders:

Usually speaking, all types of view binders consist of 3 rings. However, the ring style can vary from one view binder to another. Due to this very reason, while choosing one, it is essential to check the ring type and then make your buying decision.

The 1st type which we are highlighting now consists of a round ring style view binders. The round ring is the most common type of view binder. Additionally, it is affordable, as well. The round ring view binders also come in different sheet capacities. We will go into the details of these below.

  • • If the diameter of the ring is half an inch, it can accommodate 100 sheets.
  • • If the ring diameter of the view binder is 1 inch, it can store 175 sheets.
  • • If the ring diameter is 1.5 inches, it can accommodate 280 sheets.
  • • If the diameter of the ring is 2 inches, it can accommodate 375 sheets.
  • • If the ring diameter is 3 inches, it can accommodate 480 sheets.

That is why, when you're planning to buy the round ring view binders, it is essential to look at the ring diameter. Once you look at that, it will become easy for you to understand which view binder you should buy.

Another factor which to consider when you're going through the view binders is that you should look at the color of the rings. They can be white or black. Accordingly, the cover can change, as well. You can even opt for buying the binders with customized covers. The options are plenty. Nevertheless, it is essential to look at the ring diameter first and then look at the design of the binder.

Now that you are familiar with the round ring view binder, it is time to look at the second type.


2. D-ring style view binders:

D-ring style view binders are highly durable. Also, they can hold more papers, as well. Due to this very reason, if you're looking for a sturdy view binder, you should choose the one which consists of the D-rings.

The view binders with the D-rings usually include an increased number of interior pockets as well. It increases the storage capacity. Generally speaking, when you compare the view binders consisting of round rings and D-rings, you will find that ones with D-rings have at least 35% higher capacity. That is why, in the same amount of space, they can store more sheets. The size options and their capacities are as follows:

  • • If the ring is of 1 inch, it can accommodate 200 sheets.
  • • If the ring is of 1.5 inches, it can accommodate 300 sheets.
  • • If the ring is of 2 inches, it can accommodate up to 400 sheets.
  • • If the ring diameter is up 3 inches, it can accommodate 500 sheets.
  • • If the ring is of 4 inches, it can accommodate 600 sheets.
  • • If the ring diameter is 5 inches, it can accommodate 700 sheets.

Thus, if you're looking to store more sheets than the round ring view binders, you should go with the D-ring style view binders. These will help you accommodate an increased number of papers in the same space. The larger capacity, as well as the storage pockets on offer, means that these binders have found applications in the corporate world. Nevertheless, the applications are virtually endless.

Now that you are aware of both the style of view binders, it is essential to look at the factors to consider while making your buying decision.


What should you consider while buying a view binder?

Worry not; we will share with you a few things to consider while buying one. Once you go through these factors, you can choose the right one.

I. Paper Quanity

The crucial factor to keep in mind is the number of sheets or documents that you need the view binder to hold. When you know this, you can choose the view binder accordingly. It will also ensure that you have some extra space as well in-case; you want to store some additional sheets of paper.

II. Security On offer:

You need to understand that the security on offer is on the higher side when going with the D-ring binders. These are more durable. Also, they consist of more pockets, which means that you can store the sheets individually as well. It will become easy for you to keep the papers for a long time since; you would not need to remove them from pockets again and again.

III. Design options:

You have to also look at the design options available in both variants. Once you go through the design options, you can choose the one as per the aesthetics that you prefer.

IV. Storage space

When you're buying just a single view binder, there is hardly anything to think about storage space.

However, if you're planning on buying multiple view binders, you have to ensure that you can store more sheets in a small area. In that case, the D-ring view binders will be perfect for you. While, on the other hand, if you plan on buying a single view binder, the round ring view binders would suffice since they are more affordable. That is why; you have to also look at the amount of space available.

Thus, if you're confused between the two types of view binders, these are the factors that you have to consider while buying such view binders.


What can you use a view binder for?


The truth is that they have numerous applications. We will go into some applications below to help you understand the uses of view binders.

1. Many retail stores, small and large corporates, use it as a sales price book. It is effortless to keep records in such a binder. Moreover, the transparent pockets ensure that you can go through them quite easily.

2. Many companies, manufacturing floors also use them to store the employee manuals. Since the manuals need to stand the test of time, they are often stored in view binders.

3. Teachers and schools often use these view binders to preserve the homework, study materials, and so on.

4. Many collectors also use these view binders to display their collections. It is especially true for collectors of stamps, baseball cards, and so on.

5. View binders can also work as great scrapbooks. You can accumulate the paper and sheets which you want.

6. If you're going to present some documents to your clients or colleagues, then also view binders work great.

7. Do you often the right down your favorite recipes? In that case, a view binder can help you preserve those recipes as well. Once you put them in the view binder, they will remain in pristine condition for years together.

 8. Do you want to keep track of a few documents? Rather than storing them in different files and folders, it is better to store them in a view binder. It means that when you want to access them, you can flip through the pockets to find the right one.

9. Many documents need preservation for years. It can be your house ownership deed, rental deed, or any other such material. Rather than keeping it in an ordinary file, it is better to opt for a view binder. It means that you will not have to take out these documents again and again to access them. Moreover, the storage pockets will preserve them for years together.

10. Many banks also use them to store mortgage deeds and house ownership papers. That is why; they are used by companies, banks as well as a wide variety of corporates.

As you can see, the applications of a view binder are plenty. It is one of the main reasons why they have become so popular.

So, are you still wondering what a view binder is? Our guide above will help you understand the same. With our guide above, you can know not only about different types of view binders but also the one which you should choose.

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