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The custom vinyl banner has come of age.

Gone are the days when your only choice was a white vinyl banner with blocky, heat-pressed type and a single-color logo.

Today’s digitally-printed banners feature dynamic colors and images, can be printed in about any shape or size, and can be hung almost anywhere. And while vinyl banners may seem old school, they still get the job done. Plus, they’re versatile, economical and easy to install.

And let’s face it. Traditional “softer sell” marketing techniques like posters, signage and banners can feel like a welcome relief after all the digital noise we’re bombarded with each day.

Tips for a great vinyl banner

While a vinyl banner may seem like quick, easy work, there are important considerations that should go into producing a good one. This post will get you started in the right direction by outlining:

  • When to use a custom banner
  • Key questions to ask before you print
  • Advantages of printing a vinyl banner using eco-solvent inks

A banner occasion

For special events and sales, a banner simply can’t be beat to draw attention and provide information and direction. Vinyl banners can be used to:

  • Introduce your business or new product/service
  • Announce a special sale, event or product
  • Promote stadium and sports events
  • Announce Grand Openings and Open Houses
  • Promote Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Advertise time sensitive sales and promotions
  • Promote special celebrations – anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, festivals, local events

Durable, low-cost and high impact

Banners are a very cost-effective way to grab the attention of lots of people during a given time period.

They’re durable and resistant to tears and other damage. And images printed digitally on vinyl last longer and are more resistant to outside elements, increasing the life of the banner.

Another benefit of printing on vinyl? Less ink is needed, so there’s less drying time involved. The happy result is quick turnaround.

And perhaps best of all, printed vinyl banners are reusable. All you do is wipe them down, roll them up (printing facing the inside), place them in an appropriate storage tube, and store them in a protected place.

Printing a vinyl banner

Before you put the ink to the vinyl, do you know if you’ve made all the important considerations for what type of banner you need?

If you’re not sure, here are some important questions to get you started.

  • What will your banner communicate --- how many words will you use? Remember that readability is a key factor with banners so LESS is often MORE.
  • Do you have a logo or a particular graphic that needs to be incorporated into the design?
  • Will your banner be used more than once?
  • Do you need a banner for a specific occasion?
  • What size banner are you looking for? How many will you need?
  • What format do you need – horizontal or vertical?
  • Will your banner be used outdoors or inside?
  • Will you need help installing/hanging the banner?
  • If the banner hangs outside on a building, have you checked to see that it meets any local signage restrictions?
  • How will you display the banner – directly on a wall, hung on a fence or between trees?
  • Will it need grommets or will it need a pocket for a pole?
  • Will the banner need to travel with you to conventions or shows?
  • If your banner travels, have you considered how to store it to prevent damage?
  • How will you store the banner after your event?

Consider Eco-solvent printing

Eco-solvent inks ,or light solvent inks, have been around since the early 2000s and are made with ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil. Compared to other inks, they’re thicker, with more pigment and have little odor.

Eco-solvent inks interact in interesting ways with the material they’re used on. These inks soak into the material and are cured using heat. This produces the nice, glossy finish that’s needed to make text stand out on a banner, whether on matte or gloss vinyl.

Eco-solvent printing has many advantages over regular latex inks, including:

  • A wide color palette, digitally printed using 4 colors
  • High gloss, fade resistant finish
  • Economical ink choice

PackZen banners are printed on 13 oz. vinyl. and can be up to 53” wide (with no limit on length). These banners are printed using four colors with an Eco-solvent method.

Finishing your custom banner


How you finish your banner depends largely on where you plan to hang it.

  • If you plan to suspend the banner between trees or poles, or attach it to a fence, grommets will be necessary. These are the small, rounded metal openings through which a banner is attached with a cord, rope or string.
  • If you plan to hang the banner vertically using a pole at the top, hemming may be the best option. The top will be hemmed in a pocket style at the top to allow a pole to slide through.
  • In addition to hemming, banners can be “taped” using Hotmelt or closed with Velcro.

PackZen is ready to help answer your questions.

Have questions about banners or other signage? PackZen offers many ways to customize banners, decals, signs, clings and floor mats. Our products are made in the USA from various materials and promote your business beautifully inside and outside.

We’re happy to give you ideas on how to bring your brand to life with PackZen. Call 877-749-2127

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PackZen Tip: Installing a ground-mounted banner
From Wilson Baez, Printing Supervisor for EnvyPak

Here’s a quick and easy way to install a banner on posts mounted in the ground, for events like annual sales events, open houses and anniversaries.

Visit your local hardware or big box home store to find these or similar products.

  • Purchase two (2) 14-Gauge Powder Coated Steel Posts (as shown Everbilt brand)
  • Purchase a 12-piece set of 10 in. Ball Anchor Tarp Bungee Cords (as shown: EKTON brand)

How to install posts for a ground mounted vinyl banner

  1. Lay the banner on the ground and thread the bungee cords through the grommets.
  2. Measure the width of the banner, with the bungee cords extended, so you can insert the stakes the correct width apart.
  3. Use a mallet to safely pound the stakes into the ground until the desired pole height is reached.
  4. Attach the banner to the stakes with the bungee cords and adjust to tighten the banner across the stakes.
  5. Enjoy your banner!