Job Ticket Holders, Tag Holders and Name Badge Holders

By Allison West

The Power of 3: Job Ticket Holders, Tag Holders and Name Badge Holders

Good things come in threes. It’s a fact. The “Rule of Three” suggests that things that come in threes are more effective and more memorable than other numbers of things.

French fries, salt, and ketchup. Rock, paper, scissors. Past, present and future.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Blood, sweat, and tears.

job ticket holders

How about job ticket holders, tag holders, and name badge holders?

Admittedly, they may not be up there with ice cream, fudge sauce and a cherry on top when you’re talking “big threes.” But in terms of organization and bringing attention to special information, they’re at the top of the list.

All are made with 100% recyclable polypropylene, but they’re also available in a biodegradable version, too. Job ticket orders, tag holders and name badge holders can also be customized with imprinting and adding additional pockets.

Job Ticket Holders

Job ticket holders are popular office supplies because they’re easy to use and have so many applications.

Whether you call them work order sleeves, heavy-duty job ticket holders or clear poly job ticket holders, job ticket holders are made specifically for manufacturing, warehousing, retail and distribution applications. But they also make great organizational tools for the home and office.

You can also use job ticket holders as colorful organizing tools around the office.

  • Pin them up on a corkboard and fill them with insurance and 401K application forms; medical leave forms, employment applications, and special announcements
  • Businesses use them for signage and posting business hours, policies, notices, and announcements
  • Teachers use them on bulletin boards to store homework assignments, artwork and classroom supplies

job ticket holders

Why 6 mil poly?

Not all job ticket holders are manufactured with quality materials. If you purchase flimsy, cheaper ones, you’ll be disappointed when they turn yellow, crack and fall apart.

Thicker, 6 mil poly material holds up even in harsh industrial conditions, even when they’re exposed to weather extremes, chemicals, grease, and dirt. If they can make it here, then you know they’ll stand the test of time with general office, retail and classroom use.

Heavy-duty, 6 mil EnvyPak job ticket holders are finished with a reinforced edging that provides extra strength and durability so they’re very hard to rip or tear. There's also a sturdy brass eyelet at the top for hanging. They can also be customized with full-color printing and private labeling.

How job ticket holders are used

Manufacturing sectors:  use colorful job ticket holders for production schedules and work orders. They’re perfect for inventory control because they’re waterproof, so the contents are protected from moisture, dirt, grease and excessive handling. They can also be used for JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing processes.

Auto repair shops:  use job ticket holders for employee instructions, and to show work completion details and store keys. For example, a repairman can easily insert the details for a tire rotation or oil change inside a colored job ticket holder to share important details with customers and track job progress.

Warehouses:  use ticket holders for inventory control. Placing inventory sheets inside ticket holders protects them from moisture, dirt, grease, and excessive handling.

Retail stores:  prefer job ticket holders for holding pricing and item details because of their crystal-clear appearance and high visibility.

Wayfinding:  signs pointing the way through a hallway, marking a construction zone or identifying a slippery floor all help to keep people safe in manufacturing workplaces.

Teachers and students:  use for storage and organizing envelopes for homework assignments, reports, artwork, and special assignments.

Types of job ticket holders

Striped Color-Coded Job Ticket Holdersjob ticket holders

Colors are assigned as follows:

Black/yellow:  Physical Hazards

Red/white:  Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment

Black/white:  Housekeeping and Aisle ID

Green/white:  Safety and First Aid

Blue/white:  Defective Machinery

Tag Holders

These smaller clear tag holders have so much versatility. Hang them from wire racks, shelves and directly on items to display prices, announcements, sales and item codes. The message inside can be clearly seen from the front and back.


PackZen clear tag holders are made with a sturdy, 4.5 mil polypropylene and are used by retailers to hold sales and information tags, price tags, promotional information, and other sales literature. The manufacturing sector also uses these tags to hold shop orders, instructions and in some cases, objects such as keys, small machine parts, and locks.

Here are a few other uses for these versatile plastic pouches:

  • Floral shops, garden shops, and lumber yards use them because the poly holder protects the information inside from water, dirt, and dampness
  • Warehouse clubs use them at the retail display shelf edge as price tag holders or on other point of sale materials.
  • These smaller tag holders make great identification and event pass badges for sporting events, concerts and tradeshows.

Name Badge Holders

Name badge holders

They may be small but they’re big performers in our mighty poly pouch trio. Schools, businesses, industrial or medical - all businesses can use name badge holders. They’re a must-have for meetings, conferences, trade shows, and press events.

Name badge holders

PackZen name badge holders are made from archival-safe materials that protect your credentials from moisture, fading, print transfer, and general wear and tear. Try using them to hold company-issued ID cards. Name badge holders extend the life of the card and when you add a lanyard or clip, they’re further protected against loss.

Custom name badge holders

Name badge holders are straight cut, top-loading pouches that you can also get in bright, noticeable colors. Plus, there are other ways to

  • Add colored bands at the top and bottom
  • Try a vertical format

A credential style format gives you more room for passes and tickets. Sized at 3.75” x 6”, it’s perfect for press passes.

The pre-punched hole at the top of all PackZen badge holders is made to fit a variety of pins, clips, and lanyards, so it’s up to you how you wear it.

And while most name badge holders are made with PVC (vinyl), PackZen's are made with a 100% recyclable polypropylene or a biopoly version. With either choice, you’ll have a product you can feel good about.

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