The Hard-Working, Multi-Use Job Ticket Holder

By Allison West

Job ticket holders continue to be popular office supplies because they’re easy to use and have so many applications.

Whether you call them work order sleeves, heavy-duty job ticket holders or clear poly job ticket holders, job ticket holders are made specifically for manufacturing, warehousing, retail, supply distribution, inventory, and office organization.

job ticket holders

Placing something inside a job ticket holder gives the document attention and prominence. Using a special color-coded ticket holder conveys a sense of urgency and critical information

They keep contents clean and dry by protecting against dirt, grease, and moisture, which is especially important in factories, workshops, and garages.

Made strong for tough use

Job ticket holders are top-loading pockets that hold 9 x 12-inch paper documents, keys, locks, loose objects or anything you need to keep at your fingertips.

PackZen job ticket holders are manufactured using clear, heavy 6 mil polypropylene and finished with a reinforced edging to provide extra strength and durability. The special edging makes them hard to rip or tear. There’s also a sturdy brass eyelet at the top for hanging.

Unlike other job ticket holders, PackZen job ticket holders feature many custom options, including full-color printing and private labeling.

job ticket holders

Manufacturing sectors use color-coded job ticket holders for production schedules and work orders. They’re perfect for inventory control because they’re waterproof, so the contents are protected from moisture, dirt, grease and excessive handling.

Automotive shops use them to show work completion details and store keys. They’re also used as communication tools. For example, customers’ requests for a tire rotation or oil change services are shared with the service repairman by inserting them into a colored shop ticket holder.

Teachers and students use them to schedule their semester assignments and reports. They’re great as storage envelopes for homework assignments, reports, artwork, and special assignments.

Primary Colored PackZen Job Ticket Holders

job ticket holders

Primary-colored edges make these ticket holders a great choice for inventory control and bringing attention to important record storage.

Tips for use

  • Job instructions and accompanying photos
  • Production schedules and work orders
  • Materials handling
  • Inventory management
  • Quality control
  • Instruction manuals and maintenance logs
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing processes
  • Wayfinding
  • Retail sale signs, product information lists, charts, reports

Striped Job Ticket Holders

job ticket holders

The color striping on PackZen’s striped ticket holders is inspired by OSHA’s color combinations for barricade tape warnings. Use them when you want to draw immediate attention to areas where accidents are possible or to mark off-limits areas in industrial areas.

Color choices include:

job ticket holders

Black/yellow for Physical Hazards

Red/white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment

Black/white for Housekeeping and Aisle ID

Green/white for Safety and First Aid

Blue/white for Defective Machinery

Tips for use

  • Use for safety information, dated materials, and manuals
  • Identify tools and processes such as LOTO, or to indicate machines are out of order
  • Mark hazardous materials and areas
  • Post registrations and code certifications
  • Wayfinding
  • Machine operation and safety instructions
  • Continuous improvement ideas and planning

Ready to get started?

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