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Digital Pre-Press Guidelines
Flexo Pre-Press Guidelines

Design your own: Case Packaging

Choose from any of the templates below, which include a variety of size and format options. Create a unique design for PackZen to customize your binder.



Unikeep 10
6.38"x 1.14" x 5.44"





1-1/2 inch Case, No Rings




Design your own: Case Binders- Please call for a Screen Print Template




Unikeep 1/2 inch





Unikeep 1 inch





Unikeep 1-1/2 inch





Presentation Binder




Design your own: Vinyl Binders




1/2 inch Capacity Binder





1 inch Capacity Binder





1.5 inch Capacity Binder





2 inch Capacity “D” Ring Binder





2 inch Capacity Round RingBinder





2.5 inch Capacity Binder





3 inch Capacity Binder





4 inch Capacity Binder



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