Swatch Book

Swatch Book

From single to multiple pocket options high-quality clear plastic pages are manufactured to your specifications. If you chose to include custom decorations or alternative material choices we will manufacture the look and feel your desire.

The card pages are typically used for business cards, credit cards, gift cards, and personal documents, even photos. Contents are easy to remove and exchange. Add a logo or brand design to the cover for an added benefit. Great for events such as trade shows, conventions, promotional, networking occasions, and sales demonstrations.

Other applications include custom sample swatch pages.

  • • Fabric Swatch Cards
  • • Leather Swatch Cards
  • • Vinyl Swatch Cards
  • • Wallcovering Swatch Cards
  • • Apparel Swatch Cards

Sample swatch pages can be ordered in various types of materials that are durable for use and reuse. With our swatch style pages, the crystal clear materials can be configured to hold various sizes, and shapes, and can be designed to graphically interact with our binders to create one of a kind product.

Swatch Book

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