Show Your Large Documents Some Love With A Presentation Case Binder

By Allison West

Presentation Case Binder

Go large or go home – the problem with small cases

Small bags, packs and briefcases get high marks for storing and transporting smaller business documents and tablets. But the thing about all those pockets, compartments and such inside? They just can’t organize and bring order to your sheets and documents as well as a professional presentation binder.

Think about it. Let’s say you’re pitching to a new client or presenting to executives during a company meeting. There you sit, embarrassed and red-faced, shuffling through your case for a stack of paper-clipped pages. And you still can’t seem to find the exact chart you need to make your point.

Talk about a quick way to tank a presentation.

Another thing a briefcase can’t do very well is storing large documents. By the time you’ve folded it to fit inside, you’ve lessened the professionalism and the crisp, clean look of the page.

Large documents require a presentation binder with individual page protectors to separate and protect documents and provide easy presenting.

A large presentation case with archival quality protectors is specifically made to store,
organize and protect oversized work documents.

The PackZen Presentation Portfolio Binder - for big work

Presentation Binder Application

Engineers, architects and technology planners produce large documents that require an enclosed presentation binder that’s easy to carry and provides protective storage for plans, blueprints, and work samples.

Teachers, interior designers, and artists love this binder because it can function as a work portfolio presentation book or as an archiving tool.

The PackZen stand up presentation binder with pages protects your work from folding,
dirt, smudges, and evidence of just too much handling.

See the PackZen portfolio binder in action here:

A three-ring easel presentation binder shows off your best work

PackZen’s presentation binder with pages is perfect for storing and presenting large-sized sheets and documents. It’s a six-ring metal binder inside an enclosed case that includes ten clear 11” x 17” inch page protectors.


Use the PackZen presentation binder as a portfolio for:

  • Graphic design work samples
  • Photographs
  • Sales and marketing documents and graphics
  • Engineering and architectural drawings
  • School projects and presentations
  • Posters, collections, paper ephemera

Stylish flexibility with stand-up skills

large binder

What’s great about this business portfolio case is its special lock and stand that allows it to stand upright so you can flip it open and display your work during presentations.

Not only that, but unlike other presentation folios, you can customize a PackZen presentation case binder in many configurations using archival-safe, polypropylene pocketed pages.

  • Add a few extra 11”x 17” double pocketed protectors that hold two, 8.5”x11” pages to feature smaller items in one landscape size protector page, shown below.

page protector

page protector tabloid

Ready to get started?

PackZen presentation binders with sheet protectors are perfect for presenting documents and keeping them organized after the meeting ends. They’re also great for storing all types of documents, from accounts receivable, inter-office memos, contracts and agreements to take-out menus and schoolwork –

Get creative and use it your way!

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