Peel_Stick_Vinyl_Env_lg Peel & stick letter-size envelopes offer double protection than the open closure pockets and envelopes. PackZen has a wide variety of materials and decoration options for peel and sticks envelopes for office, business, factory, and warehouse use. The sizes and decoration can vary but the intensity of protection remains the same. The letter size envelopes fit a variety of documents and the peel and stick closure secures documents from water, dust, and other elements. The reusable envelope can be used many times and serve various purposes. The soft yet secure construction ensures the safety of the content and unlimited storage of papers. Our envelopes are designed and manufactured for professional use and add value to your documents.

Vinyl or polypropylene made crystal clear envelopes have a convenient opening and hold letters and brochures used for promotional campaigns and day-to-day office use. Labeling and customization increase the high visibility of your content and also elevate the demand for these high-quality envelopes. Peel & stick letter-size envelopes secure booklets, credentials, bills, forms, loose documents, brochures, and advertising content.

SIZE: Assorted

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