Paper Handling Solutions During Covid-19

By Allison West

Handling paper during COVID-19 - protect yourself and your documents with polypropylene document storage


These days, good or excellent hand hygiene is a must. But we can never be sure if everyone practices it. And if you’re back in the office working with other people, you’re probably thinking about it more than you should.

Yes, it’s gross - but how many times have you seen someone lick their fingers to flip through pages? Or swipe their hand over their nose (without thinking) and then touch a paper document?

Google is your friend on this topic and if you search, you’ll find articles that say yes, indeed, you can spread germs from hand to paper to other hands.

Here's what one study from The National Library of Medicine concluded about how germs can remain on paper:

“Paper can serve as a vehicle for cross-contamination of bacterial pathogens in medical settings if current recommendations on hand hygiene aren't meticulously followed.”


How can you protect yourself (and others) when you have to touch commonly shared documents at work?

Industries with “high touch” paper documents

There’s no getting around it -- we still need paper, at home and at work. Most industries have paper documents used by many people, including:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Auto sales & repair
  • Retail
  • Medical offices & hospitals

Have you thought about adding a layer of protection between your hands and paper with polypropylene organizing products? Page protectors, job ticket holders, and flexible folders and covers are great for protecting documents from moisture, dirt, and damage.

Polypropylene products provide a layer of cleanable protection for paper documents.

PackZen offers clear poly case binders, sheet protectors, plastic file folders and other clear poly organizational products that are made with durable, cleanable, 100% recyclable polypropylene. PackZen’s office documents can be wiped off, sanitized and reused.

Quick list - What documents can be made reusable and easy to clean?

Here’s a list of documents that can be wiped down once they’re inserted into reusable polypropylene or vinyl office products:

  • Menus
  • Books
  • Rate sheets
  • Food truck menus and signs
  • Window and door signs
  • Placemats
  • Guest directories in hotels
  • Table tents
  • Magazines and papers in waiting areas
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Machine instructions and hazards
  • Industrial safety procedures
  • Church programs
  • Sheet music
  • Legal and insurance documents


Organizational and packaging products can be customized

Customization is an easy way to personalize polypropylene products for your particular item or industry. Add a logo, a slogan, or artwork. Organizational and packaging products are available in a wide variety of materials and colors and can be made into different shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Cleanable PackZen products

PackZen products are made with a sturdy polypropylene that stands up to cleaning and sanitizing with household cleaners.

These products can be used to protect important documents across many industries.

Most paper documents used every day can be covered with a page protector, menu cover, adhesive or clear folder/document holder.


PackZen menu covers are:

  • Manufactured of heavy-duty, durable 8 gauge polished clear vinyl that stands up to cleaning and reuse
  • Open at the top for easy insertion and replacement of menu pages
  • Fits letter or legal sized menus, other sizes on request

Document holders (below) also provide touch protection for your sales brochures, booklets, flyers, reports, and presentations.


Give them a try! Click here for free samples.


COVID has forced us all to take a hard look at common surfaces we touch every day. Why not provide another layer of protection between your hands and paper documents you touch each day? PackZen clear polypropylene products are cleanable and they organize too.


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