PackZen is famous within the industry for patenting the groundbreaking Safety-Sleeve® material for use in packaging, and our material capabilities have expanded to incorporate an even wider variety of purposes - from biodegradable and recycled content-based polypropylene for environmentally focused clients to limitlessly flexible PVC for virtually any application. No matter the packaging need, PackZen has a suitable material ready for use.


Polypropylene - With boundless applications and multiple eco-friendly compositions available, no one knows polypropylene like PackZen.
Polypropylene has become one of Packzen’s most oft-requested materials for custom projects because of its remarkable performance relative to cost. The thermoplastic polymer is 100% recyclable and reusable, archival-safe, and outstandingly adaptable for all sorts of uses, thus making it an outstanding complement to traditional vinyl.
In addition to its standard polypropylene, PackZen also offers two special polymers that have been very popular with clients seeking to make an especially environmentally-conscious statement. Our biodegradable poly is synthesized with EBD (enhanced bio decompositions) to create a minimally harmful polymer virtually indistinguishable in usage from standard polypropylene; our recycled poly is made with up to 85% recycled content to reduce the end product’s overall ecological footprint.


PVC - PackZen manufactures packaging products from incredibly versatile and economical vinyl for some of the world’s largest brands.
Polyvinyl Chloride remains a top choice worldwide for durable, stylish, and economical binders and other products that require a flexible plastic construction. For some applications, such as heavy-duty compliance-oriented binders, there is simply no substitute for vinyl. Vinyl also is the most broadly customizable polymer available, so for uncommon projects, there is seldom a better choice.
We’ve built 28 years of business on a comprehensive understanding of what materials make sense; consult with us to determine whether vinyl or a different polymer is the right choice for you.

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