Insurance_ID_Holders_lg Custom Insurance/ID holders secure significant insurance papers from getting lost and damaged. Available in various sizes and colors for the protection of small and large size insurance papers. Prepared from top-quality vinyl or polypropylene materials, the holders are an excellent choice for ID cards and insurance papers for clients. Choose from the long side opening or the short side per your requirements. Be it insurance forms, business cards, or an ID card, the holders help keep the contents safe inside.

Both the Vinyl and polypropylene insurance/ID holders save the papers from getting dog-eared and eliminate the risk of spills that might damage your documents. Your clients can easily locate their insurance papers inside their car and at home. Protected behind a clear polypropylene plastic layer, the papers remain visible and presentable. The slim panel pockets do not take a lot of space and easily fit in briefcases and purses and even remain protected in vehicles. Branding the cover with your company name or instructions will add benefit to your clients and continue to present your company name for the life of the documents.

STYLE: 90583

SIZE & COLORS: Assorted

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