Injection Molded Cases

Polypropylene Injection Molded Cases

PackZen is excited to announce the Polypropylene Injection Molded Cases, a packing solution that is sure to turn heads with its sleek design and satisfy a variety of practical needs. The cases are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and customers will be equally pleased with the many features it offers. Its flexible protective internal hardware mounting panels and custom foam solutions that are fully developed by protection specialists, combined with a highly durable exterior, is guaranteed to suit a variety of applications. From sensitive electronics to tool kits, the specifications are tailored to match whatever level of protection needed for a product to withstand even the most rugged handling experience.

PackZen is your source for injection molded cases. These compact cases are made of varying rigidity and are water-resistant. The lightweight cases consist of a single piece of construction snap latches and combinations with or without handle/hangers. Customers will also be able to choose between multiple foam options.

These cases also have several decoration options including Digital printing, Screen printing, and Flexographic printed covers and Adhesive Labels.

Injection Molded Cases

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