foam case inserts

Your products are important, so it just makes sense to protect them with foam case inserts. PackZen is a leading manufacturer of custom packaging products. Our in-house design and production capability is second to none. We can design and produce blister packs, clamshells, thermoform trays and other plastic products to meet your unique packaging needs.

PackZen understands that packaging matters. It’s essential that your packaging is custom-designed to fit your products perfectly. We take everything into consideration, including budget constraints, target market, and product specifications. PackZen is your one-stop source for custom thermoformed packaging.

Sustainable custom packaging from PackZen will add real value to your products. Every custom formed packaging product is expertly handled by our team. We specialize in devising innovative packaging to protect your products and parts.

Custom foam or vacuum-formed inserts by PackZen are ideal for a wide variety of applications. We can help you protect your medical, electronic and chemically sensitive products. We can even provide you with color contrasting trays to store your tools and instruments. Contact PackZen today to order custom formed packaging for your products.

Custom foam case inserts

Custom foam case inserts

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