Flexible Clear Poly Folders and Document Holders

Give your brand some muscle with custom printed clear poly folders and document holders

By Allison West

clear poly folder

Professional folders and document holders are the heavy-lifters of office supplies. At their core, they store and protect information and help organize presentations and reports.

Even though these are common office supplies, they’re often the first touch that customers have with your brand. Think about what you’re currently using for sales presentations, company information and employee documents. Are these items updated, polished and professional? Do they convey a message you’re proud of?

Why settle plain and boring when you can have wow and wonderful!


Update your branding with custom clear folders

According to Pulse Marketing, “design trends and methods change with time. By keeping up-to-date and rebranding regularly, you can show potential customers that your business has relevance.”

It may be time for an upgrade to fully-customizable, flexible plastic folders and document holders. They are fully customizable by size, style, color and graphics, closures, and number of pockets.

PackZen folders and document holders are portable, expandable and offer organized, secure storage for your important documents.

  • Select from a variety of textures, tints and shapes
  • Custom decoration and printing are available
  • Extra closures and pockets can be added
  • PackZen clear folders are 100% recyclable

First impressions do count

Think about the last time you received a branded folder. From the moment you received it, you may have made a judgment about the company based on your perception of the quality of the piece.


Good or otherwise, custom folders and document holders establish a visual and emotional connection with a brand. Color, shape, texture, size and ease of use are all critical.


A few questions you should consider when selecting folders and holders include:

  • Is the folder manufactured with quality material?
  • Are the openings easy to access?
  • Is it the right size and shape for the desired contents?
  • Do the die-cut pockets, flaps and closures work properly?
  • Is it durable and made to last?

Video: see it in action!
clear poly folder

Plastic File Folders

PackZen flexible clear poly folders are perfect for a wide range of commercial, clerical and industrial applications, such as work-in-process folders, sample kits, media kits and sales presentations.

A stock folder is simple to customize - all you do is add your own insert or a special pocket. Choose the folder size according to the largest document you might use.

Folders can be purchased with or without print. However, most customers prefer the fully customized and digitally printed polypropylene cover because it adds emphasis and distinction to the brand.

Some other benefits of a clear folder include:

  • Made with 100% recyclable, durable polypropylene
  • Made to last construction with easy to use openings
  • Inner contents are visible and are protected from spills and damage
  • Quick turnaround with ready to order stock items
  • Custom colored edge folders make organization even easier

Click here to see PackZen’s Custom Product gallery.

clear poly folder

Clear Document Holders

PackZen's durable translucent clear document holders help secure your documents during transport and provide a sturdy closure. All the materials you need for your presentation - brochures, business cards, reports are organized and secured in one place.

Options include a business card pocket; Velcro or snap style to secure the flap; or no flap for easy access. Other ways to customize the document holder include:

  • Personalize with a printed logo and artwork
  • Choose from letter, legal, A5, and pocket sizes
  • Stock and Custom sizes available
  • Use interior pockets to easily insert and replace covers, collateral
  • Custom printing available to interact with your graphic inserts
  • Order business card slots for one or both of the folder pockets to keep your business card handy for clients.
  • Add a CD/DVD slot to include digital information as well.

Ready to get started?

PackZen offers 30 years of expertise in the business and a genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, market or delivery method. We also guarantee our work -- if you are not totally satisfied, we will do everything necessary to make it right.

  • The PackZen difference means your folders and holders are manufactured just for you, according to your exact specifications.
  • Choose size, style, color and graphics, closures, and number of pockets.
  • PackZen clear folders are 100% recyclable.
  • Click here to receive a free sample.

Have questions on a project idea?

PackZen products can be customized or privately labeled and are used by small and large companies alike. We can combine your ideas with our developmental expertise to create a product that’s distinctly your own.

Speak with a PackZen representative at 877-749-2127, or email sales@packzen.com