Evolution of Printing

By Kiran Khalil

Evolution of Printing in Today’s Technological World

Printing plays an integral role in branding and helps formulate unique opinions about brands. According to research conducted at Steinhauser, digital package printing is the best strategy to attract and persuade customers about the excellence of digital presses. In this way, digital capabilities are displayed to the customers who may have the opinion that digital print will not depict the brand standards clearly.

The benefits of digital printing, for instance, low costs, variable data capabilities, and speed are quite famous in the industry and the converters and printers also have various other reasons to go digital. The digital press has become the reason for providing services to new customers and initial labels to small companies.

Digital printing connects consumer product companies to their potential customers. It has become an interactive tool between the company and its consumers. PackZen recognized the need for digital printing and its benefits; therefore, it offers 3 color spot printing as well as 4 color process printing to its customers. Using PackZen, companies can provide attractive artwork to compel customers to buy their products.

PackZen can give interactive effects to printed pieces and thus increase the chances of customers’ response. A digitally printed product attracts more customers than an ordinary piece; on the other hand, an appealing artwork printed on a clear or white UniKeep would define a lot about a company than a simple package. Therefore, the significance of printing and its impact on customers cannot be undermined in any case.

Furthermore, printing companies around the globe have realized the significance of digital printing and thus are taking initiative towards providing better services to their customers. The printing industry has been growing worldwide...


The 3D printing industry is now projected to grow by 31% annually from 2013 to 2020. It will generate $21 billion or more in worldwide revenue. The growth expectation of the printing industry has been done worldwide and the expected results show a great boost in the expansion of printing, digital printing, and 3D printing. Therefore, the demand for digital printing will only grow in the years to come which will be beneficial for the companies to brand their products and leave a long-lasting impact on the consumers worldwide.


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