What makes EnvyPak Polypropylene Job Ticket Holders Perfect for every Industry?

posted by: Kiran Khalil

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You probably take more time looking for a crucial document on your desk than any other task or perhaps find it easier to spread all your papers out of the files to look for that one paper that includes all the information you need. It’s never too late to organize your assignments, documents, job responsibilities, and other significant information you require. There’s also no doubt about the fact that finding the right tools and files to highlight your imperative sheets is tricky. So, here’s what EnvyPak has for you – premium quality top loading Job Ticket Holders.

EnvyPak Job Ticket Holders are made specifically for manufacturing, warehousing, retail, distribution applications and more. These holders are ideal for protecting more than sheets. The cost-effective and flexible job ticket holders are designed to fulfill your personal and professional needs. You can easily use them for various applications and documents due to their simple design and colorful appearance. Their ability to highlight the documents from a distance is what makes them more popular among ordinary ticket holders available in the market.

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The strong and clear holders provide high visibility of the content you will place inside. The convenient ringed eyelet at the top of each holder can help you hang crucial information at a place where it increases the visibility of the sheet. Be the information for customers or employees, the color-coded borders make sure the document stands out and catches the attention. You may wonder about its usability and demand in various sectors apart from personal use. So, here’s the list of places where job ticket holders are used excessively:

  • • Manufacturing sectors use colorful job ticket holders for production schedules and work orders.
  • • Auto repair shops highlight job responsibilities of each employee or work completion details for all workers. If a customer is looking for tire rotation or oil change service, the requirements are shared with the service repairman inside these holders.
  • • Inventory control area secures inventory cards inside ticket holders from moisture, dirt, grease, and excessive handling of important sheets.
  • • Retail shops or furniture stores also prefer job ticket holders due to their bright and clear appearance. Also, the price tags life increases when placed inside these holders.
  • • Printing services companies store printed material and parts used for printing into EnvyPak Job Ticket Holders. They usually place examples or artworks that are shared by the clients inside the holders. Afterward, the holders are given to the person responsible for printing.
Job Ticket Holders__Black

There are multiple uses of job ticket holders that can be bought in assorted colors. The usage may vary as per industry, but quality remains the same. The stitched reinforced edging is primarily for extra strength whereas the clear heavy 6 mil polypropylene ensures the long life of the documents. EnvyPak Color Coded Job Ticket Holders are highly functional for divergent events, display materials, promotional campaigns, information sharing and more. Thus, you can buy them in any color when you can’t compromise on the safety or neatness of your documents, in the office or at home!



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