1 Inch(Poly) Clear View Binder

Clear View Binders are important office supplies for small and large projects. The selection of the right binder for an office project is necessary along with having them on your desk. For every report and project, PackZen offers durable binders that help in organizing and compiling data together. Our 1-inch clear view binder is frequently used for report submission and protection of loose sheets. These binders are the first choice of professionals for presentations and allow them to also add a customized cover to the front and back of the project binder. The clear cover and spine give a professional look to the binder and create an impact on the client, management or teacher. These binders are an economical way of presenting your papers and further storing them for implementation.

PackZen has designed these slim binders for optimal storage. They can be transported easily due to their sleek design and size. The slim polypropylene case style protects your content. With this view case binders, papers and reports are shared with clients in a professional way. You may find these binders on every office desk and in the hands of almost every professional traveling to a destination for meeting or event management. This is how these multipurpose binders make information sharing easy and formal.

There are certain features of these binders that guarantee long-term safety of the documents such as archival-safe durable construction, poly rings inside, full-wrap overlay, and numerous designs and styles. The snap-locking poly rings designed to hold the papers do will align the sheets, gripping them tightly and keep them from falling out, and make the flipping quick and easy. Your documents will remain tear as well as wrinkle-free and with the poly sturdy layer, there will be no fear of cuts and spills on the pages. The recyclable binders can be stacked inside desks, on desks, and on bookcases or shelves!

The 1-inch clear view binder can be a good pick for home applications and kits. Their cover enables custom labeling through the peel and sticks adhesives for the identification of material inside; therefore, no matter where these binders are stacked, their identification becomes instant and clear. When these binders are ordered by a company in bulk, customization can be carried out by PackZen. Having space for more than 50 sheets, slim case binders are a perfect choice for monthly bills, receipts, and property papers. Our binders make home documents organization a stress-free task.

High-quality clear view case binders allow you to create a flawless look of your binder. The shape and size of the sturdy cover extend the standard paper size so that the pages do not stick out or corners do not get turned. They have more room than ordinary conventional round ring binders, so any paper or report can be saved in the 1-inch clear view binder made exclusively to serve your storage needs.