0.5 Inch Clear View Binder

An office desk is incomplete without proper stationery and files and folders. Each item helps in the organization of papers and clears the mess hard to assemble otherwise. To save necessary project reports and data sheets to make an impression during the presentations, PackZen offers UniKeep 0.5 inch binder ideal for record-keeping, report submission, and compilation of presentation data. The 0.5-inch clear view binders are one of our top selling products and are perfect for multiple projects and tasks. From storing data to presenting the analysis, these case binders are durable and handy at the same time.

The archival safe binders have durable poly construction and snap poly rings. The crystal clear outer poly cover secures the papers and documents whereas the poly rings do not misalign or pinch. The rust-free poly rings are made purely to increase the life of binders as the binders with metal locking system take on rust easily and cease the page addition and removal system. Furthermore, the 0.5-inch clear view binder’s sleek construction makes them stackable and easy to carry in bags and briefcases.

The smooth and shiny full wrap overlay is provided for the quick insertion of custom sheets which can be done for reports and presentations. The ease to change the overlay sheets enables users to customize the binders for each time they submit or store proposals or reports inside. This feature is added mainly for the quick identification and access to information. The slim attractive case protects documents and makes transportation of papers in totes and office bags hassle-free. Your documents will not wrinkle, wrap or tear due to the sturdy poly rings attached inside the binders to firmly hold the papers.

The top-quality view case binders are available in different sizes for documents of various dimensions and can also be bought in a variety of colors to fit formal and informal events. Along with official use, these binders are created to serve school students for assignment submission and collection of handouts of various subjects. The light-weight view case binders are excellent for everyday use and have the capacity to hold up to 40 to 60 sheets. The streamlined design appears professional during meetings and presentations and is slim enough to be saved inside a bookcase. This super organizing tool is essential for the safety of official and academic papers.

To make the right impression on your clients, it is necessary to communicate the important information which requires a systematic compilation of data. A UniKeep 0.5-inch clear view binder assists you to compile data in a logical way and secure it to share with colleagues and customers. The material inside along with a customized look will surely have an impact on the reader and viewer as the pages remain properly separated, do not stick to the binder, and do not stuck in the poly rings attached. You may add and reduce the number of pages according to the space and length of the binder. For customized binders, the details and requirements are discussed with the clients and thus an appealing piece for marketing brands and products can be created within the budget. Add pages considering the sheet capacity and flip through the pages to review and share information in a professional and orderly manner with co-workers and clients.