Clear Sheet Protectors

PackZen’s custom clear sheet protectors are the ultimate solution for organizing and protecting valuable documents, photographs, business cards, diagrams, samples, legal forms, and other materials incorporated into a PackZen binder system – from corporate documents to the all-important presentations.

Our stock or our made-to-order clear sheet protectors can be personalized with custom print to insure communication through design and functionality. Textures and color-coded can be customized utilizing opaque and translucent materials.

Any configuration of sheet protectors – from lightweight crystal clear pages to highly durable vinyl materials, these pages protect and are made to stand up to constant use.

Custom drill for variation of ring patterns, and the ability to add multiple pockets and openings will be per your specifications.

  • Hang Punch Holes
  • Pressure Sensitive tape
  • Side Openings
  • Embossing
  • Printing
  • Snaps & Flaps
  • Pocketed
  • Variety of sizes and configurations
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