Clear_Magnetic_File_Jacket_lg Magnetic file jackets, envelopes & tags are some of the essential office stationery tools required for the right placement and protection of papers, documents, posts, and tags. Custom Magnetic files are quick organizers that categorize letters, projects, and quotes. These jackets can be customized with or without thumb-notch on the top for easy access to documents and are sealed from 3 sides. Crystal clear file jackets are made of heavy-duty vinyl or polypropylene and can hold multiple letter-size pages.
Magnetic envelopes are usually seen attached to the racks and machinery. These envelopes are manufactured mainly to secure critical information like job tickets, hours of operation, safety tags, and non-adhesive labels. Save inserts from stains, dust, and spills.
PackZen magnetic tag pockets are reusable pouches that can be directly attached to any surface. These magnetic tag holders are used for identifying products or inventory goods. The magnetic file jackets, envelopes & tag holders work together to secure, identify, and label your products, documents, and inventory.

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