Clear Flexible Packaging

By Allison West

Quick, easy flexible packaging is possible with PackZen pouches and pockets

Clear flexible packaging enhances, protects, and presents your product.

flexible packaging

According to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), technological innovation, sustainability concerns, and attractive economics are among the reasons for the phenomenal growth of sustainable packaging in the U.S. during the last 20 years.

Flexible packaging is made from a variety of materials that can be made to easily change shape to best fit the product it’s holding. The types of flexible packaging are as varied as the products they contain -- bags, pouches, liners, sleeves, and sample packets made of paper, plastic, film, aluminum foil, metalized or coated paper or film, or any combination of these materials are good examples.

Industry response has also been strong. With an estimated $31 billion in sales in 2017, brand owners are embracing films, bags, pouches, liners, and sleeves that can be readily used as go-to packaging solutions that meet consumer demands.

There are so many reasons why flexible packaging makes sense for most products:

  • It can be made in just about any shape, size, color, and thickness you need it to be.
  • It can be free-standing or can hang from a retail display shelf or be attached to another product.
  • Flexible packaging can feature spouts, zippers, and re-sealable closures.
  • Creates shelf appeal and offers convenience to customers
  • Is lightweight, re-closeable, and easy to use
  • Is seen by consumers as convenient, portable, and safe

Is it time for you to try flexible packaging? Here are a few things to consider.

flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is right-sized for your product.

Savvy customers are demanding a package that better fits what it’s storing and protecting.

According to Mintel, a leading market intelligence agency that tracks consumer spending and attitudes, 48% of consumers believe online stores need to do a better job of delivering items in packaging that better fits the product’s size.

  • Large, unnecessary paper packages create extra waste and often are not required for many products. Flexible packaging creates less waste, so less material is sent to landfills.

Flexible packaging can be reused.

Once opened, many flexible packaging options can be reused for organization and indefinite storage.

And here’s something else to consider. Right-sized, flexible packaging reduces the environmental footprint of the product and offers a reusable, recyclable package that the end-user can feel good about, too.

Flexible packaging withstands the rigors of e-commerce

While the way consumers shop may be shifting, their expectations for product integrity remain steadfast. No one wants to receive a damaged product. Flexible pouches tend to have lower failure rates than rigid packaging because they’re less likely to crack open.

E-commerce packaging is touched, tossed, and stacked in trucks many more times than its retail counterpart. The diagram below is a good representation of how many times that package is jostled along its way to the recipient.

flexible packaging

The right e-commerce packaging solutions must work hard and solve multiple issues, including:

  • Lowering return rates by preventing shipping damages
  • Reducing shipping costs by getting lighter and small

When paired with the right closure, flexible packaging can provide additional protection. For example, some flexible packages have double closure systems, flip lids, and other features that safeguard against leaks or spills.

Flexible packaging not only provides a significantly better product-to-package ratio, but also offers an opportunity to reduce materials used, consume fewer fossil fuels during manufacturing, and potentially reduce the volume of packaging waste in landfills.

flexible packaging

It's sustainable.

Flexible packaging also provides opportunities for sellers looking for a more sustainable option. Because flexible packaging is lightweight, it costs less to ship. According to the Flexible Packaging Assn. (FPA), one truckload of flexible packaging is equivalent to 26 truckloads of glass jars.

Flexible packaging also offers a higher product to package ratio—an especially important feature as couriers move to charge by size in addition to weight (dimensional or dim weight).

Re-seal is a big deal

Another way flexible packaging helps with sustainability is by offering re-closable features. E-commerce products like clothing and shoes have return rates of up to 50%. Fewer packaging is used with re-sealable flexible packages because consumers aren’t forced to get new packaging for the return.


PackZen’s polypropylene pockets, pouches, and envelopes are made in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses but are usually manufactured using a 4ml to 10ml gauge material. It’s also 100% recyclable and reusable and archival safe.

Clear pockets, pouches, and sleeves are produced on our high-speed automated web presses using thinner gauge materials, typically .05 to .10 gauge vinyl.

Safety-sleeve non-woven material is also available for adding an extra layer of protection to your packaging.

flexible packaging

In addition to its standard polypropylene, PackZen also offers a biodegradable version synthesized with EBD (enhanced bio decompositions) to create a minimally harmful polymer virtually indistinguishable in usage from standard polypropylene.

flexible packaging

Made to order flexible packaging

PackZen’s clear polypropylene sleeves and pocketed envelopes are an excellent alternative to paper packaging when durability and protection are important or when transparency is desired.

In fact, clear packaging is ideally used for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, such as the medical, electrical, hardware, and cosmetics industries.

PackZen has the manufacturing know-how to make to order almost any variation of sleeve or pocketed envelope – from small to large, clear to opaque, multiple closures and pocketed options.

  • Our sleeves and pocketed envelopes can be personalized with screen printing, digital printing, foil stamp and emboss to add a high-end look and feel to any finished product.

flexible packaging

As you can see in the photo above, fold-over style pockets and envelopes quickly lock in merchandise. Like other sleeves, the design of the pocket is usually defined by what’s going to be contained in that pocket.

Larger format envelopes are manufactured of heavier gauge vinyl in multiple sizes and closure options. A polished clear or matte material is used for projects that typically contain retail products, presentation materials, document storage, and collectible goods.


PackZen has over 30 years of experience helping our customers by "doing what we say we will do" – develop innovative, unique packaging products that support their goals and objectives.

Clients trust us to help create eye-popping shapes and designs for packaging that's right-sized and customized for its purpose, whether it's to hold and present hold information, stand or hang on a shelf, or protect during the rigors of e-commerce.