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We are pleased to announce PackZen case binders, a revolutionary product that combines efficiency with style. These are a favorite among designers giving them the ability to showcase their cover designs that allows for a three-dimensional effect with the contents. This is achieved when using the clear style case binder. Its durable and recyclable polypropylene construction, in addition, to snap locking poly rings that won't rust or misalign, is ideal for large presentations and document storage. Fully enclosed 100% polypropylene case binders have a snap closure for extra security, are stackable and available with or without a clear overlay and most standard items are in stock.

case it binders

PackZen case enclosed binders are the answer to all of your organizational difficulties because of their practical and aesthetic properties. The easily customized binders are great for home or school use and are available in a variety of sizes. Not only do they keep papers from falling out, but other enclosed items will also remain dry and dust-free. These case binders also have several decoration options including Digital printing, Screen printing, and Flexographic printed covers and Adhesive Labels.

Case Enclosed Binder Design

case it binders

case it binders

case it binders case it binders case it binders
case it binders Binders with your logo are more than just a fashionable branding opportunity - they show you mean business. UniKeep offers custom-printed binders in a wide variety of styles so that your business can make a statement anywhere you need one: in your latest media kit, at a key presentation, or at the next annual conference.

With a flatbed digital printing press dedicated to printing UniKeep binders, we offer the unique combination of incomparable binder print quality with short runs and quick turnarounds.
case it binders

Presentation Binders that Steal the Show!

case it binders
Overlays & Pockets

case it binders
Multiple Compartments

case it binders multiple compartment binders
We mold each UniKeep case binder in a single piece - even the snap-locking rings - in order to maximize durability.

If you prefer the quick locking functionality of metal rings, we can easily replace our plastic rings with metal ones in any spacing configuration.
PackZen case binders make outstanding promotional kits just with the addition of a few pockets for graphics, business cards or compact discs.

We manufacture all pockets ourselves, including clear cover overlays that come in handy for economically inserting or entrapping cover art.
We have the capability to permanently fuse two or more case binders together, creating the ultimate organizer.

Each compartment is separate and has a locking latch, so you can access the documents you need without cluttering up anything else.

Case - No Rings

case it binders - binder case no rings

Full Wrap Overlays

case it binders - Full Wrap Overlay

Durable Poly Rings

case it binders - Durable Poly Rings
Because our binders are fully enclosed, their uses go well beyond the ordinary binder as long-term, custom product packaging.

Combined with a custom printed cover and a fitted tray, our case binders become the perfect package for introducing and carrying your product.
It allows for easy customization with more space for your message. Snap securely through thousands of uses without pinching, crimping or rusting.
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