The Historical Importance of Calendars

By Kiran Khalil

calendar corner protector blackThere’s always a purpose for every little object that is set on our office desk; be it a small stapler, a box of pins or even a calendar. We may ignore the significance of such meager objects, but you have to admit, at some point, they’ll come in handy.

Among all of you home or office belongings, the calendar serves the great purpose of reckoning past, present, and future time. We get to know the importance of days when a particular event takes place. By outlining the dates, we can decide when to celebrate certain affairs or important business meetings and trips.

Calendars, in almost every era, are designed by the geographical location of the masses that are strongly influenced by their geography. In many countries, months are defined according to seasons; especially the quarter of the year represents extreme winter. In ancient times, calendars were made viewing the time interval, from the emergence of one moon to the next. Moreover, the calendars in the early times used to define the yearly events as well as different seasons.

Today, a calendar is more than an object that represents events and counting of days. It has become a necessity and served more than one purpose. The Western Calendar, also

known as the Christian Calendar is today’s civil calendar that is internationally accepted by the people. It assists each person differently. People usually schedule their weekly or monthly tasks reviewing the 365-day/12 months’ calendar.

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