Brochure/Policyholders are made to conveniently access policies and brochures. Add literature, booklets, tickets or policies to share information in a safe and appealing way. The crystal clear vinyl or polypropylene holders make the document visible from the front and back. Your clients can easily view the information without taking the document out. Two clear pockets make insertion and removal easy. The standard inside and outside pocket dimensions hold policy documents and brochures for marketing purposes. Durable clear pockets are an economical solution for saving and organizing documents.

Made from the highest quality material, the clear layer keeps the dust and damaging material away from your documents. These holders are perfect for promotional material and are reliable for storing registration papers, insurance forms, and licenses in vehicles and bags. Crystal clear holders take less space, save documents from falling out. Customize these brochures/policyholders to interact with your content by spot printing designs or logos on the covers.

STYLE:  16142   16144 
SIZE:      4.5” x 9” (Folded)    6” x 9” (Folded)


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