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Adhesive pockets – sometimes called adhesive pouches – have a variety of uses in the commercial, retail, and industrial workplace. For example, you could use them for managing inventory and organizing the projects you’re currently working on. They also work for displays and managing documents.

What makes them so versatile is the self-adhesive backing. With this, you can stick the pockets onto file folders, books, organizers, booklets, file folders, walls, cabinets, and retail displays. Basically, they’ll stick almost anywhere you might need an extra pocket for storage. Best of all, you can get specialty adhesives that are easy to remove or stronger adhesives that work on all surfaces.

Selecting pockets with flap covers will increase protection. The only limits to what you can put in the pocket are your imagination…and the size of the pockets.

These pockets are made to your specifications. You can select the size, shape, color, weight, durability, clarity, and functionality of your pockets. Further options include multiple pocket pouches, peel-and-stick, and pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of each pocket. Note that some surfaces, such as polypropylene tote bins, have a low surface energy plastic and will require a special high-bond adhesive. This is available at your request.

Our pouches are durable, flexible, functional, and reusable. They’re the perfect solution for a variety of applications. You’ll be very happy with the quality you receive for the price you’re paying.

Pockets are available with custom printing and decoration options to include embossing, debossing, and foil stamping.

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