Mini Case View - No Rings

Mini Case View - No Rings - White
(sold empty) - Box of 40

$43.40 / Box

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Custom Poly Binder Design

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This super compact, ¾" deep case gives you just enough room to store small supplies without being too bulky.

Take one anywhere - or get a bunch and fill your shelves with them! Just use the clear poly overlay to label the contents of each case, and you'll be well on your way to getting your office or craft space in ship-shape.

  • • No rings - no pages, no problem; extra room to hold loose materials
  • • Clear full-wrap poly overlay easily swap out cover inserts for labeling and repurposing
  • • Completely enclosed and durable - snap-locking exterior latch helps keep materials dry and dust-free inside
  • • Stackable and storable - 100% recyclable (no metal, no PVC)
  • • 100% polypropylene -- binders you'll feel good about using
  • • 19 mm in white

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7" L X .75"W x 9.43"H

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